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Commercial Business District

Project Description

The City of Odyssia is a sustainable destination that is made alive with its people. All facilities are designed to cater to your everyday needs, allowing you to be integrated with a community of like-minded people who share your same values, beliefs, and passions.

Retail Boulevard

Odyssia’s retail boulevard will re-ignite your shopping experience, all the while attending to all your simple and gourmet desires.

The Bridge

The bridge, a seamless masterpiece that connects the northern and southern districts of the city. In addition to it being a landmark for the ingenuity and creativity of its residents.

Offices / Plaza

We have gathered work and leisure in one place, here at Odyssia’s Plaza. Seize a chance to foster your business at the plaza’s spacious offices, and also have fun and unleash your passion and talents with retail venues, designers’ and production studios.